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About Large Family…Will Travel

Large Family…Will Travel is a space to inspire families of 5+ to make their vacation dreams come true. The cost of family travel can seem daunting especially with multiple kids. But the experience of venturing out together to explore new sites, sounds and tastes is well worth the investment. And there are plenty of ways to make those experiences more budget friendly no matter what size your crew!

family travel

Family Travel (especially for large ones like ours) is an Investment

I was lucky enough to have parents who planted the travel bug into me at a young age. Being an only child helped make it easy for us to explore the world, but my wife and I made it our mission to ensure our children had the same opportunities. 4 kids later…we came to see that essentials like food, clothes and housing quickly eat into the recreational budget. Nevertheless, we’ve prioritized travel experiences over other luxuries and have no regrets.

With that said, I absolutely abhor going into debt over a vacation so creating savings plans, monitoring the monthly budget and finding deals are my jam. This discipline (maybe a bit of an obsession) has equipped us with best practices and tips that we’ll share with you. The major topics we’ll cover are:

  • Resources for finding deals on airline tickets
  • Choosing the right accommodations for your large family
  • Tips around navigating transportation options for international trips
  • Cost saving ideas for food and recreation activities
  • Travel itinerary ideas based on our past and upcoming journeys
family travel

Having 6 in our crew adds extra challenges to planning vacations and often has a significant impact on the wallet. Large Family…Will Travel brings advice on tools to save money and common expense mishaps to avoid. We will also provide sneak peeks into our trips to offer a bit of inspiration for your next trip.

So we look forward to traveling hard and on budget together!